Kia Parts and Service


At Colemans we consider the purchase of your vehicle to be the beginning of a long and lasting service relationship.

Our technicians are fully trained by Kia, equipped with state of the art tools along with leading edge diagnostic machines. Our after sales team are equipped with top of the range facilities to look after and keep your car in perfect condition.


The Kia 7 year/ 150,000km warranty is effective on all vehicles registered from 1st January 2010. 

The 7 year warranty is a full manufacturer’s warranty. The exact terms and conditions vary slightly between models* and some items have a natural limited lifetime/ durability and are therefore covered for less than 7 years, but as a minimum:

  • Paintwork is covered for 5 years.
  • Audio is covered for 3 years.
  • Batteries are covered for 2 years.
  • Normal ‘wear and tear’ on items such as brake linings and clutch linings, etc. are excluded from cover.
  • The warranty is transferable to subsequent owners and is valid across Europe.

Servicing Offers:

• Fixed cost and inflation proof servicing

• Available for the first 3 or first 5 services of your new Kia 

• Your Kia will receive a full service history enhancing your resale value
• Packages are transferable to the new owner if you decide to sell your Kia 
• Kia trained technicians will only use Kia Genuine Parts, using the latest tools and diagnostic equipment
• Prices are inclusive of VAT



Colemans of Millstreet have a comprehensive range of parts and accessories to help maintain and customise your car.

During your Kia ownership you may need to replace a part and when that happens we recommend using Kia Genuine Parts. Kia Genuine Parts 
are engineered to precise and exact standards by Kia, matching the original specification of the vehicle. 
Non genuine parts can sometimes be less reliable leading to more

 frequent replacement and labour costs. 
And because we also have Kia Trained Technicians with the latest diagnostic equipment, you’ll be sure to get the right part for the job fitted properly.